The Best Guns to Use in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of PUBG Mobile guns for players to select from. However, determining the one can be tricky. This guide aims to help by highlighting the best guns in PUBG Mobile.


This popular choice has gained its reputation for a reason. Adored for its recoil, the M416 gives the sensation of shooting a laser beam when fired in bursts at medium range. It is highly adaptable, performing well in combat situations with a transition to full auto mode. Although it may not deliver damage per shot, the M416s stability and user-friendly nature make it a dependable ally for players or newcomers to the PUBG Mobile. When wielding the M416, you can provide covering fire, aim precisely with shots, or unleash controlled bursts to eliminate foes. The M416 is an all-purpose weapon that can be honed and trusted throughout your journey in PUBG Mobile. In case you want several skins for this PUBG Mobile guns, we suggest you buy PUBG mobile accounts as they often come with every skin unlocked.


If you’re someone who enjoys the power and excitement of a playstyle, the AKM is your go-to choice. This PUBG Mobile guns packs a punch with its damage output, eliminating foes quickly in close-range battles. However, taming the AKM’s fierce recoil requires practice and caution. It’s like handling a horse. One wrong move can spell disaster for seasoned players. Yet if you can master its behavior and control its kickback, the AKM becomes a tool for swiftly dispatching enemies. It thrives on tactics and has the potential to turn the tide of a confrontation with just a well-timed burst.


The UMP45 strikes a balance between fire rate, control, and damage. Its manageable recoil makes it easy to handle for shots at medium distances, making it a versatile option for various scenarios in PUBG Mobile. Whether you’re engaging in close-quarter combat or providing cover fire while your teammates flank the opposition, the UMP45s generous magazine capacity ensures you stay locked and loaded during battles.


AWM is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. With strength, it can take down enemies in a well-aimed shot, penetrating helmets without breaking a sweat. The AWM is ideal for sharpshooters who excel at landing headshots. However, its limited ammunition capacity and slow firing speed emphasize the importance of nailing those follow-up shots. After you get this PUBG Mobile guns, you may want to use your PUBG UC code to fill UC in your account so you can buy new skins for AWM.


For players seeking a sniper rifle option, the Kar98k stands out as an excellent pick in PUBG Mobile. Packing a punch with its firepower of dropping foes with just one shot to the torso the Kar98k also offers a faster rate of fire compared to the AWM for swift follow-up shots when necessary. Although it may lack AWM’s ability to consistently penetrate helmets with one shot, its overall performance makes it a solid choice on the battleground.


Just keep in mind that this is the beginning. Try out PUBG Mobile guns, discover what works best for how you like to play and strive to excel with the range of best guns in PUBG Mobile. Best of luck in your endeavors. May your aim always be precise!