Airbnb Deploys AI Technology to Block House Parties

Airbnb is using artificial intelligence technology to combat house parties, a major concern for hosts. Bars and clubs closed during the pandemic have led people to party at home. This has led to an increase in the number of landlords facing unwanted surprises in rental houses. To solve this problem, Airbnb took measures such as a “global party ban” and imposed restrictions on renters under the age of 25. Even so, Airbnb’s customers are still scattered all over the country, and Airbnb is already the best companion for travel accommodation. Having a Airbnb giftcards is definitely more convenient and cheaper when booking a room and will improve your Airbnb experience.



Thanks to the company’s measures, house party complaints have decreased by 55% since 2020. Still, Airbnb has not achieved a decisive victory in the fight against house parties. Now artificial intelligence is emerging as the new hero of this process.


AI analyzes factors such as the date of the renters’ account creation, whether they are in the same city as the place they want to rent, and the duration of their stay. In particular, one-night bookings and bookings made during major vacations are examined. Naba Banerjee, Airbnb’s head of security and trust, said: “If someone is booking just one night for New Year’s Eve and they live in the same city, it’s probably for a party.”


Bookings that are deemed likely to be partying are automatically blocked, or people are directed to hotels that are partners of the company. This increases the confidence of the people renting their homes and helps prevent potential damage.



Airbnb’s use of artificial intelligence is being welcomed by hosts. Lucy Paterson, who rents a one-bedroom house in Worcestershire, England, says that AI is reassuring and 99% of her tenants have been great.


This technology is not only being used in the residential rental sector, but also in the car-sharing sector. For example, Turo uses a software called DataRobot AI to assess the risk of cars being stolen and consider a range of criteria when pricing.


While Airbnb’s move has benefits for customers and companies, it has also drawn some criticism. Harvard Business School professor Edward McFowland III notes that a poorly designed AI model could inadvertently block people who don’t plan to party but want to rent a home on special occasions like Christmas.


Nevertheless, Airbnb and similar platforms continue to invest in innovative solutions such as artificial intelligence to ensure the safety of users and hosts. These technologies are taking security standards in the industry to a new level and allowing for a stronger relationship of trust between renters and hosts.


Airbnb’s move to AI is a striking example of how technology can be integrated into everyday operations and transform the consumer Airbnb experience. This technology makes it possible to better understand and manage tenants’ behavior while providing security to hosts. On the other hand, how to optimize such systems and protect user rights will be important topics of debate in the coming years.


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