How to Redeem Airbnb Gift Cards from Desktop & Phone

Airbnb gift card is a traveler’s cash-saving lifeline! Load them up in your account and instantly unlock funds for any Airbnb booking. But here’s the real perk – those gift card balances are immune to expiration dates. They literally last forever!

Eyeing an ultra-lux villa that costs more than your loaded gift funds? No sweat, just tack on another payment method at checkout. Bam – instant discount by putting that gift card balance to work first!

Of course, scoring those Airbnb savings isn’t possible if you can’t even redeem your gift cards. However, though the process is fairly straightforward, it can act as a major roadblock for some users.

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That being said, let’s go over how to redeem your Airbnb gift cards to get started on your next exciting journey.

How to Redeem Airbnb Gift Cards from Desktop

First, you’ll have to open your browser and sign in to your Airbnb account. Click the three-line menu symbol in the upper right corner to see the side panel. From the list of options, choose “Gift Cards.”

This shifts you to the gift card management screen. Over on the right, you’ll see buttons to either “Buy” new gift cards or “Redeem” existing ones. Since you’re already holding the codes, give “Redeem” a tap and input your gift card numbers in the box that pops up.

Click “Redeem Airbnb Gift Card” and voila! – those newly loaded funds are ready to spend on your next Airbnb splurge!

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How to Redeem Airbnb Gift Cards from Phone

Using the Airbnb app makes the redemption process even easier, not to mention faster. After logging in from your Airbnb app, tap that nifty profile icon in the bottom right corner. Scroll down until you hit the “Gift Cards” option under the “Referrals & Credits” section.

This pulls up the gift card management screen. After entering your gift card code and tapping “Redeem” at the top, select “Redeem Gift Card.” Now all you need to do is enter the code, and you’re done! Those gifted funds are now live in your Airbnb wallet.

The Bottom Line

With your gift card balance loaded, the real fun can begin! Start planning that bucket-list vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Browse Airbnb’s unique stays, dig into reviews and get ready to experience one-of-a-kind accommodations.

Safe travels and happy gift-carding from your friends at U7BUY!