How to Use Zed in LOL Wild Rift

Zed is perhaps one of the most famous characters ever released in League of Legends Wild Rift. Well, aside from its immortalization by Faker in a match against Ryu exactly a decade ago, this one combo kill assassin has a high pick rate in lanes due to its great ability kit. However, being good at using Zed doesn’t come easy; first, you have to master its gameplay and be familiar with its build.


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How to Use Zed in the Early to Mid-Game?

As a mid-laner melee champion, Zed often encounters a mage match-up that has a long range. Therefore, it’s ideal to stay back and allow the minion wave to push into your tower. It’s easy to get CS with Zed due to his passive and combination of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd skills, which could also be used if you want to be a little aggressive in the early game. Unlike in LOL PC, you can get your ultimate at Level 5 and then may push and gank in lanes to get a solo kill.


Given his limited energy pool and slow energy regen in the early game, you must utilize your abilities carefully and avoid spamming them. However, as you level up and obtain items for cooldown, reduction, and mobility, you can roam around the map for vision, split-pushing, and killing opportunities.

How to Use Zed in the Late Game

In the late game, Zed is ultimately one of the hardest to deal with for ADCs. As an assassin with high mobility and damage burst, Zed could wait in the bush, initiate an ambush, and get solo kills. However, Zed has a hard time dealing with fighters and tanks with high health; therefore, the best thing to do in a clash is to go in the back line and target the enemy mages and carriers—just like assassins do.


Yet, there’s another thing that Zed is afraid of… Zhonyas. Everyone can buy this item in LOL Wild Rift; that’s why it’s a big weakness for Zed, aside from his Razor Shuriken being difficult to hit. That’s why, when using Zed, spam your skills but with proper strategy and timing.


Flash is the most used spell in the game, and Zed needs this too for escaping and chasing enemies. On the other hand, Ignite is extremely important for assassins and burst champions to increase their chances of eliminating enemies. His ultimate is also complementary to ignite to obtain solo kills.


Zed is an item-dependent champ, so buying the right item for him could maximize his damage potential and erase enemies’ HP easily. For the first item, Yoummus’ Ghostblade is ideal for mobility and physical penetration when ganking and solo killing in the early game.


Edge of Night could also be the next item when the enemy team has mages, or Black Cleaver against bruiser champions. The next items that are ideal for Zed could be Serylda’s Grudge, Mortal Reminder for anti-heal, Trinity Force, and Guardian Angel for the last one. However, Zed’s later builds will depend on the situation and the lineup of the enemy team.

Final Words

Are you ready to become a feared shadow assassin? Now go to the rift, practice, and apply everything you learned in this Zed tutorial, and watch your opponent’s ADCs and mages fall like flies.


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