Are You Ready For This Year’s Path Of Exile ExileCon?

Visit U7Buy for POE currency at fantastic prices! The annual Path of Exile convention kicks off on July 29th. ExileCon is a two-day event. Fans have the chance to meet the people behind the game, take part in all sorts of activities, and check out what Grinding Gear Games has in store for them. This year’s convention is of particular interest. We say this because the much-awaited Path of Exile 2 and the mobile POE are to be revealed. In celebration of the event, U7Buy is hosting a promo with discounted Path of Exile currency prices!

What You Need To Know About Path of Exile ExileCon 2023

Location, location, location! The first thing you need to know is where it takes place. The city is Auckland and the country is New Zealand. Getting there is not easy. Those who are able to attend will not only enjoy Path of Exile-related fun only, but also visit an amazing country. The convention begins on July 29th for everyone but those who opted for the VIP tickets. VIPs will join the developers for a dinner event at one of the best-rated restaurants in town. VIP ticket holders will wine and dine at the Wildfire Churrascaria. The dinner will be held on June 28th. In addition to the dinner event, VIPs will enjoy priority access to the merchandise area, better seating, and priority at trying out Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile mobile. All the attendees are welcome at the after-convention party. The after-party starts at 8 PM on Sunday. Exclusive microtransactions are available for everyone too. ExileCon has many alluring activities, but, without a doubt, the unveiling of the two new Path of Exile titles is the main attraction. Since Path of Exile 2 was announced a few years ago, players kept wondering what this new game would look like. What classes will it have? What new gameplay elements will it feature? The unveiling event will answer all these questions and reveal more details about the second installment. Path of Exile mobile will be featured as well. Convention attendees have the chance to try out both games. The beta sessions will give all other players the opportunity to see them. ExileCon hosts competitions, developer talks, and much more. Popular Path of Exile content creators and cosplayers are joining the fun. Thanks to the live broadcasts, everyone can see what goes on at ExileCon 2023. The stream is free.