Are You Enjoying The New Path Of Exile Crucible Expansion?

Buy Path of Exile currency on U7Buy to support your adventure in the Crucible expansion! The Crucible Challenge League is now available for all Path of Exile players. The April content update adds a new Challenge League, more skills, and several improvements. The story revolves around the titans. These primeval beings wielded the power to change the world. Players will borrow these powers and use them to imbue their weapons. Crucible has a lot to offer, so you should prepare with POE currency from U7Buy to stay on top of the game!

What’s New In Path of Exile Crucible

We mentioned that you will be able to empower weapons. Path of Exile Crucible introduces passive skills for weapons. You will unlock weapon skill trees by completing Crucible Forge encounters. You will find them all over the world. Choose a weapon and trigger the encounter. Monsters will spawn and you will have to defeat them. Players can select the difficulty of this challenge. Bear in mind that the rewards depend on the difficulty. The experience from these encounters allows players to gain access to a weapon skill tree. You will progressively unlock skills. Only one skill from each tier can be selected. You might uncover skills that give double POE currency and special items when you sell them. The Forge of the Titans is a new endgame area introduced in the April expansion. In this zone, players will be able to combine the skill tree of a weapon with another weapon’s tree. You cannot predict the results. The new tree will have skills from each tree and random skills as well. Some might be better, some might be worse. However, the merge is worth it because that’s how you discover some of the best weapon skill trees. Atlas Gateways are other endgame features. These nodes on the Atlas tree allow fast travel. Three pairs of gateways are available. They allow traveling from the left end of the tree to the right end and the other way around. You will spend one Atlas skill point to unlock a gate. Breach-related improvements are part of the Crucible updates. The level of regular breach stones has been increased. You can now use blessings on flawless breach stones. The difficulty and rewards from breach monsters have been balanced. The Crucible expansions adds nine new Vaal skills. If you are curious what the future holds for Path of Exile, make sure to clear your schedule for July 28th for ExileCon!