FIFA 23: World Cup Swaps

FIFA 23 coins are essential for you to dominate the matches in the game, you should buy FIFA 23 coins from U7BUYSTORE now! Swaps finally returns to FIFA 23 now, and FIFA 23 has confirmed the feature of World Cup Swaps in the game to support this massive event. The World Cup Swap system will enable FIFA players the opportunity to win valuable player and package rewards throughout World Cup 2022. So, let’s find out how you take the advantage of World Cup Swaps.

The FIFA 23 World Cup Token Exchange will begin on Friday, November 11 at the regular time of 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT, in conjunction with the release of Path to Glory Item Packs. In short, FIFA players will complete challenges to unlock World Cup Swaps Tokens, which can then be redeemed for rewards through the SBC menu. The rewards for exchanging World Cup Tokens will likely include special World Cup-themed cards, unique packs, and maybe even picchi.

FIFA has announced that “continuously updated World Cup Star Player Items will be made available during the event. These World Cup Star Players items will be chosen from different 32 national teams. Players can either accumulate all of their Swaps Tokens for one major reward, or distribute their tokens and receive multiple smaller rewards.

FIFA has also revealed that most of World Cup Swaps Tokens will be unlockable through online and offline challenges, which can only be completed using World Cup items with a limited duration. So, in order to unlock World Cup Swaps Tokens in FIFA 23, you will need to complete certain tasks with specific World Cup cards.