FIFA 23: Trailer Reveals New Features

U7BUYSTORE is best place to buy FIFA coins, we offer you fast delivery and best price! Completely new types of shots, restructuring of the game on the court and an innovative penalty system were shown. The gameplay of FIFA 23 will be the most realistic to date. For more than 10 minutes, new gaming features and new HyperMotion2 technology were demonstrated.

Gameplay in FIFA 23 should reach a new level, because now we understand exactly the full power of the next generation of consoles. Given the criticisms of gameplay previously, we wouldn’t be surprised if FIFA 23 sees a real change. Here are all the newest features coming to FIFA 23. Powered by HyperMotion technology, FIFA 23 features over 6,000 realistic football animations to bring realism to life every time you take the field in FIFA 23:

The Xsens suit captures millions of data points from professional football players playing in real matches. FIFA 23features advanced capture data, including FIFA’s first women’s match motion capture, and data from five training exercises, resulting in more realistic animations than ever before in the history of FIFA. Improvements to our advanced and machine learning provide FIFA 23 with more realistic situations. Based on 9.2 million frames of match capture, the algorithm creates realistic animations to create natural ball movements in various situations on field in FIFA 23.

As a result, FIFA 23 is even closer to the matches happened in stadiums, as HyperMotion2 technology opens up completely new possibilities for unparalleled animation quality. Player movement data collected from the next matches using Xsens suits allows for even more natural football animations in FIFA 23 taken directly from the field. The data captured during the men’s and women’s matches adds up to over 6,000 HyperMotion-enabled animations.

Women’s Game Enhancement: Special extended 11v11 match shooting with the full intensity of a women’s match, combined with machine learning to enhance women’s play, will show you a more authentic visual experience.