Path of Exile: New Expansion (Part 2)

U7buygames will offer you best customer service and cheap POE currency whenever you need. It looks like the Grinding Gear company has split their efforts between new content and the continued modernization of the Atlas Of Worlds endgame. It received a major overhaul last season, allowing you to customize event and encounter types using a custom endgame skill grid. This update doubles down on the possibilities by adding 20 more “key” Atlas customization nodes, allowing players to completely remove their least favorite elements or focus solely on a narrower range of monster-slaying options.

Based on some of the footage I’ve seen, they’re leaning towards a “bullet hell” design. Expect to spend most of these new encounters dodging difficult punch patterns. Chasing these bosses will bring new unique rewards. In particular, several new jewels – items that can be inserted into the passive skill grid to further modify them. Regular non-Uber forms are worth hunting as well, as several endgame bosses in this league will receive new unique drops designed by the winners of the boss hunting contest.

In this update, not only problems and pain. There will be several quality-of-life features (mostly Atlas Of Worlds UI tweaks) and official gamepad support on PC. It also means that Path of Exile will now be playable on Steam Deck, though I’m wondering if Valve’s portable can handle the notorious CPU-intensive PoE endgame game.

So, Path of Exile will have a nice chunk of new content, but in the last two expansions, Grinding Gear has stripped out the oldest and most abstruse parts of the game to avoid sprawl. This time, nothing significant will be removed. Instead, last season’s Archnemesis league mechanic (where you created your own mini-bosses) has been disassembled, with its pool of simpler, cleaner monster modifiers replacing the current set of verbs. This is one of the few cases of PoE simplification in recent times, but it should mean you have to read a lot less text around health bars, which is nice. Nothing significant is being canned, instead, last season’s Archnemesis league mechanic has instead been stripped for parts, and its pool of simpler, clearer monster modifiers will replace the current stack of verbs.