Path of Exile: New Expansion (Part 1)

U7buygames is dedicated to offering you cheap POE currency, you can enjoy 24/7 online service and fast delivery. Path of Exile, like no other action RPG, makes you to determine the conditions of your suffering. With a huge amount of customizable endgames and quarterly events like the gambler’s arena, the game puts a lot of emphasis on choosing how you challenge yourself. Coming this May, the Sentinel expansion offers what appears to be a more direct new way to challenge yourself: a satchel full of expendable drones that empower your enemies by injecting bonus items into them.

Players creating new characters in this league will quickly find Guardians dropping as loot from monsters. Each little drone has a color to represent its behavior, a power level, and a host of modifiers and perks to change its behavior. These drones are placed in special slots with their own hotkeys and can be used at almost any moment of the battle to spice up your encounter.

The Red Guardians “Stalker” hang by your side for about a minute, applying buffs to any enemies they spot, making the rampage relatively controllable. Blue Pandemonium Sentinels go off immediately, buffing all enemies on screen and sometimes off screen. Apex Yellow Guards behave the same as Red Guards, but only target Rares, Uniques, or Bosses, leaving normal enemies alone. Each type of Guardian can only be used once per zone, so you have to choose which fights to diversify.

After repeated use, the Guardians run out of battery, and since Apple apparently got their hands on the Wraeclas. A new craft item called the Power Core will allow you to use two depleted Sentinels to create a new one with a full battery and the hybrid benefits of the two “parents”. There are several types of nuclei, which changes the principle of operation of the robo-splicing procedure. There are also rare “recombinator” items that allow this splicing process to be performed on the same type of equipment that is no longer needed.