Path Of Exile Patch 3.17.4 Has Launched

Come to U7BuyGames and check out the Path of Exile currency prices! Path of Exile Patch 3.17.4 has made it on the live servers. The patch addresses controller support and general fixes. It’s not a huge patch, but it takes care of important issues. If you are one of those playing with a controller, you will be glad to know that the patch resolves many controller bugs. Should you be interested in buying POE currency, U7BuyGames is here for you!

What’s New In Path of Exile Patch 3.17.4
As we’ve said, controller support and several general bug fixes make up the better part of this fix. However, the patch also adds the beta for the new DirectX 12 renderer. Players can test it. They need to enable this option from the graphics settings menu. Other related patch notes are about the Vulkan renderer that has exited the beta stage. Now, let’s see what’s new for the controller support. The Escape menu in input mode allows players to manage their groups and teleport to teammates. The Character Panel has a better display for attributes. The description for the items in the gem and flask stash tabs is displayed on the left side of the window when you hover over the item. Several new options were introduced. The Social Screen now has a keybind for status message confirmation. The Escape Menu features a Party Invites option. Keybinds for hideout and gateway opening and editing were added as well. The patch also fixes controller bugs. The Skills interface will now correctly show the life cost of skills. Players can now un-socket gems when the crafting bench is open. The offer item keybind now works outside hideouts and towns. The resistances are correctly displayed at the top of the character panel. The cursor microtransaction slot will now appear in the Cosmetics panel. Path of Exile Patch 3.17.4 contains general bug fixes. Players can stack 5000 scouting reports in the currency stash tab. Arakaali’s mortar will not explode the second it fires anymore. The Rogue Exiles on the Relic Chambers map will spawn as they should. The chance for monsters to give an extra Scroll of Wisdom mod when the Perandus ring was used now extends to other mobs, not just the rare one. The flask mods that give boosted effect and smaller duration don’t have inverted tier numbers anymore. Some cosmetic visuals were also fixed. The patch resolves instance and client crash issues.