What You Need To Know About The Path Of Exile Atlas Of Worlds

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How the Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Works
Players need a map device to be able to visit a map. You can find such a device in player and guild hideouts. The Atlas has more than 110 maps. When players put a map into the map device, the Atlas system creates an instanced version of that map that has mobs, unique bosses, and loot. Players get the loot when they kill all the bosses on the map. We have three color-coded map tiers: white, yellow, and red. Players start obtaining tier 1 maps as loot in Act 8. The first four maps represent the center of the Atlas. Players unlock a map after they complete it. Unlocked maps can be obtained as loot. Completing a legacy map unlocks all the maps from that tier or lower. This is a catch-up mechanic for new league players. League characters share the Atlas progress. The skill tree offers an Atlas specialization. Players can use these passives to enhance drops and upgrade related features. Skill points to improve these passives come from map completion bonuses and invitations from Maven. The most challenging bosses live on these maps. Some bosses are unlocked by completing challenges. Others require a certain combination of map fragments. Players obtain maps as drops and from trading. The drop is not random. Path of Exile has a system that determines what map drops. Players can buy maps from Kirac. They can also buy them from other players. The favorite map feature increases the chances for players to obtain a certain type of map. Players can also complete Atlas missions. One is available each day. Maps support modifiers. Players need sextants and void stones to mod maps. Sextants are a type of POE currency. Mods can stack so a map can have more than one. When a league ends, the progress goes to the parent league which is either standard or hardcore. The Atlas of World was part of the eponymous expansion. It was the fifth game expansion.