Get Your Path Of Exile Archnemesis Affairs In Order

Quickly head to U7BuyGames to catch the best deals on Path of Exile currency prices! Path of Exile Archnemesis is drawing to a close. However, that’s no reason to be sad because the new Sentinel expansion is right around the corner. The Archnemesis League will end on May 10th. This is just three days before the release of the new expansion. Players have only a few more days to finish their Archnemesis challenges. Buy POE currency from U7BuyGames if you need help to complete your Archenemesis goals.

What to do Before the Archenemesis League Ends

First of all, you should know that May 10th is the last day of the league on PC. Console players have one more extra week. The league ends on May 18th. That’s the day when the new expansion arrives on consoles. It’s a good idea to check out what challenges you haven’t completed yet and start working towards them. Time flies fast. The League end also means that Kirac’s Vault Pass ends too. The items currently included in the pass will no longer be available. With the launch of the Sentinel expansion, the Vault receives new items. Exclusive cosmetics will be available when the update goes live. Kirac’s Vault is POE’s battle pass. It has rewards for those who complete Atlas endgame content. The rewards are cosmetic items. Players don’t obtain relevant game items from the battle pass. This is part of Path of Exile’s business concept to only offer vanity items as microtransactions. So, players buy the Vault pass with real money and unlock a series of Atlas objectives. Each objective rewards exclusive cosmetics. Eight items are available through Kirac’s pass. The Archnemesis Brimmed Hat is another item that goes away with Archnemesis. If you really want the item, make sure to purchase it before May 10th or, if you are playing on consoles, May 18th. The Liege and Dread supporter packs go away as well. You can reserve a pack for purchase after the end date by contacting the Path of Exile support team. The new packs that replace the old Scourge packs will be announced during the Sentinel reveal event on May 5th. If you watch the reveal event, you get more than info about the expansion. A free cosmetic will be available during the stream. This is part of the Twitch Drops campaign. Make sure to watch for at least 45 minutes to get the Rapture Wings.