The New Path Of Exile Expansion Arrives On May 13th

Buy POE currency from U7BuyGames and get ready for the next expansion! We have news about the upcoming Path of Exile expansion. Mark your calendar for May 13th! That’s when the new adventure drops. Details about the expansion are scarce at this point. We will know more around May 6th when a detailed live stream is planned to take place. Until then, check out U7BuyGames for the best deals on Path of Exile currency.

What We Know So Far About The New Path of Exile Expansion

First, let’s review what we know from the official announcement. Patch 3.18 will be the next big Path of Exile update that will introduce the expansion. The announcement stated that the new expansion will be smaller than the Siege of Atlas. The features that were already confirmed include a new challenge league and end game updates. The content will be revealed at a later date. As we’ve said, the launch date is May 13th. Grinding Gear Games has a history of keeping their word about launch dates, so it’s unlikely that the new expansion will be delayed. The last month of the Archnemesis League is happening right now. This might be a good time to finish up on those challenges. Make sure you are all set for the next adventure. If you need POE items, check out U7BuyGames! The Archnemesis League will end five days before the new expansion releases for PC. This time frame might change. It’s better that you complete the league challenges now, so you don’t miss any of the rewards. We are eager to find out more about the new adventure. We cannot wait for the live stream. The exact date is not yet revealed. All we know is that it will be roughly one week before the expansion goes live. That should be around May 6th. Path 3.17.4 should come during the week that starts on April 18th. The patch notes are already available. They include engine updates, better controller support, and bug fixes. The DirectX 12 renderer is now in beta. Players can test it by changing their graphics settings. Those who play with a controller will see several improvements. More commands are now available for the controller. The currency stash tab is now able to stack up to 5000 scouting reports. Rogue Exiles will now naturally spawn in the Relic Chambers maps. Players with full inventories can now buy Expedition artifacts.