Axes to Cleave through Hordes (Part 3)

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Following on from Part 2 of this Unique Axe list, Part 3 will highlight the last two (2) that you should definitely check out right away!

Axes are great weapons to utilize for any encounter in PoE, and after Part 2 previously had already showcased some amazing Unique Axes for you to wield to annihilate enemies in the game, Part 3 today will explore the remaining two (2) which should be able to help you breeze through end-game content as well:


Actum (Requirements: Level 63, Strength 149, Dexterity 76)

oDamage: (150.4 – 173.9) to (278.4 – 321.9)
oAttacks per Second: 1.3
oCritical Strike Chance: 5%
Has no Sockets
+200% to +250% Physical Damage
You have no Intelligence
Critical Strike Chance is 20% to 30% for Hits with this Weapon

Dreadsurge (Requirements: Level 60, Strength 48, Dexterity 14)

oDamage: (20.4 – 32.4) to (66 – 72) / (223 – 250) to (264 – 280)
oAttacks per Second: 1.39 to 1.43
oCritical Strike Chance: 5%
+(5 – 15) to +(20 – 25) Physical Damage
+(223 – 250) to +(264 – 280) Fire Damage
+7% to +10% Attack Speed
+15% to +25% Fire Resistance
+5% Movement Speed
Hits ignore Enemy Monster Fire Resistance while you are Ignited

And that marks the end of this Unique Axe guide.

However, there are still Unique Two-Handed Axes in the game too, so don’t miss out on a new list coming up within the next few weeks as well!

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