Nimble Body Armours for Swift Attacks (Dexterity, Part 4)

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After three (3) past breakdowns of the most amazing Unique Body Armours that focus on Evasion Rating and favour Dexterity-type builds in PoE, today’s Part 4 will now end the mini-list series with the final two (2) ones that can be acquired within the game!

Evasion Rating is definitely a powerful stat in PoE.

Not only does it allow you to dodge Enemy attacks’ completely, it can also become the primary defensive attribute for some in-game Exile builds especially for Dexterity-type classes like the Ranger and Shadow.

In today’s final Part 4, there are only two (2) more Unique Body Armours that will be covered here, which are considered to be the best amongst the rest:


Queen of the Forest (Requirements: Level 59, Dexterity 160)
oEvasion Rating: 1,923 – 2,163
+200% to +240% Evasion Rating
+60 to +70 Maximum Life
+6% to +10% Fire Resistance
+26% to +40% Cold Resistance
+11% to +25% Lightning Resistance
-25% Movement Speed
+1% Movement Speed per 600 Evasion Rating, up to 75%
-50 to -40 Physical Damage taken from Hits by Animals

Hyrri’s Ire (Requirements: Level 65, Dexterity 197)
oEvasion Rating: 2,220 – 2,903
+40 to +50 Dexterity
+140% to +220% Evasion Rating
+25% Chill Duration on Enemies
+(105 – 145) to +(160 – 200) Cold Damage to Bow Attacks
10% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits
10% Chance to Dodge Spell Hits

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