How To Spend December In Path Of Exile

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December arrives bringing many exciting things for Path of Exile players. We have all sorts of events lined up for the last month of 2021. It starts with 10 days of Endless Delve. It continues with three one-day Royale events and another round of Zizaran’s Gauntlet. Mid-December, we get ready for 10 days of Endless Heist. Atlas Invasion and Delirium Everywhere end the Path of Exile year in style. Don’t forget that you can always get POE currency from U7buygames!

Path of Exile December Events
If you don’t have enough Path of Exile currency, just visit U7buygames! The Endless Delve event starts on December 3rd and lasts for 10 days.
The action takes place in the Azurite Mine. The Mine Encampment is the starting point. During the event, the sulphite cost is zero and the scaling begins from one. Players receive a starting bonus consisting of some scrolls of wisdom and unique gems. You can buy more gems for one scroll. Level 1 characters get three passive skills.
Once every 10 levels until you reach 70, you get three more. The Royale events will be available on December 8th, December 22nd, and December 29th. The last for one day. The December Royale events have a unique feature. After eight minutes, Brutus appears in the middle of the safe zone. If players decide to fight and defeat him, they get unique items. They can also turn him into an ally and have him attack the other players.

Zizaran’s Class Gauntlet begins on December 10th. This is a recurring event. It’s a Scourge League event that invites players to level up their favorite classes and compete at killing bosses.
The Hardcore Solo Self-Found event league rules are applied with some damage and HP mods. The event partner sponsors the prize pool. Starting December 17th, the Endless Heist begins. The event takes place in the Rogue Harbour.
You can leave the place for contracts and blueprints only. You don’t need marks for contracts anymore. During the event, contracts and blueprints are practically endless so you don’t have to take a break. The Atlas Invasion begins on December 24th. The Twilight Strand is the only area that is excluded from the event. In all the other areas, five map bosses will spawn.
They drop unique items. On December 31st, Delirium is taking over. Most of the game zones and campaigns will have Delirium fog. Twitch drops are available on each day of all events.